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The quality of an online degree program is defined by assessment. Success occurs when top universities develop qualified degree programs that meet the needs of qualified learners. Assessment helps determine this type of fit.

List of Assessments
Learning Style & Motivation Level Assessment
Adult learners and corporations that fund training and tuition reimbursement should determine whether they'd be successful learning before enrolling in an online degree program. Take the Online Learner Assessment and find out if you have the ability to learn via the web.

ROI Assessment
This assessment will allow your company to move beyond the basics and have a more complete perspective on ROI of Online Education. This ROI resource kit takes you through the most important phases of online education and substantiates how ROI is measured and achieved.

Corporate Education Assessment
During a 7-year investigation, we organized core profiles of several companies. We present these assessments as a type of common consensus that is shared, which highlights how the most successful corporate education programs go beyond offering tuition reimbursement or education as a benefit to employees. The profiles contained in this "Best of Class" study will allow you to gain insight into how organizations run successful corporate education programs.