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This online assessment will help students determine if they have an aptitude for web-based learning.
An online learning environment is a highly effective and efficient form of delivering an education. However, it's not the best solution for everyone. The desired learning experience happens most often when there's a match between a qualified degree program and the needs, styles and motivation levels of qualified learners. Our network provides many pre-qualified degree programs and the Online Learner Assessment was designed to help qualify students interested in online education.

To get the maximum benefit out of an online education, adult learners and corporations that fund training, development and tuition reimbursement, should determine whether they would be successful learning online before committing time and financial resources to an online degree program. The assessment takes less than five minutes to complete and provides students with instant feedback through scoring results and recommendations for learner success. Register and find out now if you have the ability to be successful as an online learner.


Employer funded
Self funded

A first degree
Another degree
Professional development
Career advancement
Continuing education