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An Industry Checklist to Choose Quality Online Education

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This year in the U.S. close to one million students will enroll in an online degree program. Most will enroll without a complete picture of quality and fit of the program that's delivered.
The Industry Checklist was developed to help you make an informed decision when evaluating education providers and choosing a quality online degree program.
The checklist features summaries of the 7 most important decision-making points when choosing an online education. The report also includes recommendations of what to look for in quality programs and states preferences of organizational learners.
To create the checklist, we have taken results from preference surveys conducted with corporate decision makers participating in industry events, such as the Society of Human Resources Management conference. We've validated these findings with other reputable industry sources. An example of a source we've used is a recent report by Eduventures*.
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* The Eduventures' report is called, "Online Distance Education Market Update: A Nascent Market Begins to Mature".