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Degree Programs

Master of Arts
Applied Linguistics - UMassOnline
Criminal Justice - UMassOnline
Leadership and Liberal Studies - Duquesne University

Master of Business Administration
Online Part-Time MBA Program - UMassOnline
MBA - UMassOnline

Master of Education
Curriculum and Instruction - UMassOnline
Educational Administration - UMassOnline
Instructional Design - UMassOnline
Reading and Language - UMassOnline
School Counseling - UMassOnline
Science Teachers - UMassOnline

Master of Science
Clinical Nurse Leader Program - UMassOnline
Community Leadership - Duquesne University
Family Therapy - UMassOnline
Gerontology Mgmt of Aging Services - UMassOnline
Health Mgmt & Policy - UMassOnline
Leadership and Business Ethics - Duquesne University
Leadership and Information Technology - Duquesne University
Mental Health Counseling - UMassOnline
Public Health in Nutrition - UMassOnline
Public Health in Public Health Practice - UMassOnline
Rehabilitation Counseling - UMassOnline
Sports Leadership - Duquesne University

Post Master's Nurse Practitioner Certificate - UMassOnline

Behavioral Intervention in Autism - UMassOnline
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems - UMassOnline
Clinical Pathology - UMassOnline
Domestic Violence Prevention - UMassOnline
Forensic Criminology - UMassOnline
Foundations of Business - UMassOnline
Gerontology Mgmt of Aging Services - UMassOnline
Health Informatics - UMassOnline
Health Management - UMassOnline
Health Policy - UMassOnline
Instructional Technology Design - UMassOnline
Instructional Technology for Educators - UMassOnline
Plastics Engineering - UMassOnline
Security Studies - UMassOnline

BA Degree Completion - UMassOnline
BA Business Administration (BBA) - UMassOnline
BA Health and Human Services - UMassOnline
BA Liberal Arts - UMassOnline
BA Psychology - UMassOnline
Accelerated Bachelor of Science - Duquesne University
BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management - UMassOnline
BS in Information Technology - UMassOnline
BS in Nursing for Registered Nurses - UMassOnline
Bachelor Degree Completion in Animal Advocacy - Duquesne University
Bachelor Early Care & Education - UMassOnline
Bachelor IT with Business Minor - UMassOnline
Customized Degrees - Duquesne University
Registered Nurse-BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) - UMassOnline

Casino Management - UMassOnline
Community Media and Technology - UMassOnline
Contemporary Communications - UMassOnline
Criminal Justice Studies - UMassOnline
Critical and Creative Thinking - UMassOnline
Customized Certificates - Duquesne University
Data/Telecommunications - UMassOnline
Information Technology - UMassOnline
Meeting & Event Management - UMassOnline
Multimedia Applications - UMassOnline
Online Journalism - UMassOnline
Paralegal Studies - UMassOnline
Security Mgmt and Homeland Security - UMassOnline
Software Development and Design - UMassOnline
UNIX - UMassOnline
Website Design & Development - UMassOnline
Women's Studies - UMassOnline

Arts Management - UMassOnline
Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Treatment Services - UMassOnline
Negotiation Skills for Project Managers - UMassOnline
Practical Project Management - UMassOnline
Urban Landscape and Garden Development - UMassOnline

AS in Information Technology - UMassOnline