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Fielding Graduate University

Contact Information:
Fielding Graduate University
2112 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-3538

General: 805-687-1099
Admissions: 800-340-1099
E-mail: Admissions@fielding.edu
Web site: www.fielding.edu

Online Degree Programs:
20-month Master's degree and graduate certificates in:
  • Organization Management and Development
  • Custom corporate and certificate programs
Various other programs using blended learning, online & face-to-face, design include:

School of Psychology
PhD in Psychology with emphases in:
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Media Studies
Postdoctoral Respecialization in Clinical Psychology
Postdoctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology
Postgraduate Certificate in School Neuropsychology
The Alonso Center for Psychodynamic Studies

School of Educational Leadership & Change
EdD; optional focus areas:
  • Community College Leadership and Change
  • Grounded Theory/Grounded Action
  • Leadership of Higher Education Systems
  • Media Studies
MA in Collaborative Educational Leadership: optional
Concentration in Charter School Leadership
CA Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Teaching in the Virtual Classroom Certificate
Tutoring Foundations Certificate

School of Human & Organizational Development
PhD in Human and Organizational Systems
PhD in Human Development

Admission Requirements:
Bachelors with minimum 2.5 GPA. No GRE.

Tuition Costs:
Please refer to our website for current tuition rates

Learning Environment for students:
Online asynchronous groupware. Collaborative learning model.

Relevant Information on Faculty:

The OMD program is recognized nationally by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learners (CAEL) as one of four exemplary programs that illustrate innovative and high quality learning approaches to adult learning.

Our online Master's programs are ranked in the Top 3 by leading industry associations. The Commission for a Nation of Lifelong Learners, funded by the Kellogg Foundation and sponsored by the American Council for Adult and Experiential Learners (CAEL), has recognized our OM program as one four exemplary programs that illustrate innovative and high quality approaches to adult education.