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Government Compliance

Online University Consortium is currently investigating the most effective ways to comply with government standards without duplicating compliance efforts made by universities that are part of our group.

The consortium gets a lot of requests from governmental agencies (i.e., at Federal, State & Local levels) interested in our online degree programs. While we can, and do, educate employees of various agencies, we'd like to represent an online provider network that is the most compliant with government standards.

We currently work with public universities of higher education who are non-profit, and like government agencies, themselves also state-owned and operated.

Online UC is now taking preliminary stages and seeking the counsel of organizations like TecAccess on compliance issues such as Section 508. According to Debra Ruh, President and Founder of TecAccess, an expert on government compliance, "Most colleges and universities see this as something they need to do, so most are addressing the issue. Many educational institutions want to stay on top of these types of issues so many have been involved in complying with and helping to create standards."

We plan to keep all constituents informed of our progress. If you represent a government agency involved in purchasing online degree programs and need our assistance on issues related to compliance, please email us with specific questions and we'll provide you with an update of our status.