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Latest Online University Consortium Survey Shows Traditional Universities Remain the Corporation's Preferred Choice, But Must Increase Awareness of Quality Education's Importance

June 3, 2004, Washington, D.C. - The latest survey by Online University Consortium confirms the findings of recent industry reports and the Consortiums' ongoing studies at major industry events: traditional universities remain the preferred choice of corporations for online education and degree programs. The Consortium also notes industry trends that signal the need for traditional institutions to accelerate public awareness of their programs and the importance of a sound education in order to maintain their preferred position in Corporate America.

Results from the Consortium's blind survey of corporate decision-makers at last week's conference hosted by the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD), revealed:

  • 56 percent of the companies preferred traditional universities for online degree programs.
  • 31 percent of the companies preferred for-profit providers such as the University of Phoenix.
Consortium analysts also noted the following:
  • Given the strong sales and promotional activities of for-profit providers, traditional universities can no longer rely exclusively on their names and reputations to drive future enrollments. They must do a better job at raising awareness for their programs and for the value of a sound education.
"It is one of the reasons the Consortium exists," explains Greg Eisenbarth, the network's Executive Director. "To equip traditional universities with proven education standards and tools for raising public awareness, and to give them a strong, clear and united voice in a market where hype and quick-fix promises of fast track education programs are compromising the message - and importance - of quality education."

The Consortium has made its industry checklist available for public download at www.onlineuc.net, which features seven important factors for choosing online education, and includes buyer preferences and recommendations for what to look for in quality degree programs. Results from the Consortium's initial preference studies can be reviewed at http://www.onlineuc.net/shrmstudy.html

About Online University Consortium
Online UC was founded by leading universities to help companies and employees secure quality online education, high return on investment and relevant degree programs from trusted institutions of higher education. For more information, call 435.649.2190 or visit www.onlineuc.net.
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Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, LearnShare (www.learnshare.com) is the largest provider of employee training and development courses and services in the world. Member companies include General Motors (NYSE:GM), Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), Chevron (NYSE:CHV), and Northwest Airlines (Nasdaq:NM).