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Nation's Leading Universities Launch Consortium to Give Companies, Adult
Learners Easy Access to Quality Online Degrees, Decision-Making Resources

May 21, 2003, Washington, D.C. - Recognizing the need for quality online education and credible degree programs, several of the nation's leading colleges and universities have joined the rapidly expanding Online University Consortium. The Online UC serves companies and the growing number of adult learners whose education is funded through employee tuition reimbursement. It qualifies reputable universities, offers easy access to online degree programs, and provides informative resources for how to spend tuition dollars wisely.

"Companies and adult learners are increasingly scrutinizing education providers for quality and reliability of online degree programs," explains Greg Eisenbarth, Executive Director of Online UC. "All Online UC members have met the education requirements of accreditation, but also hold themselves accountable to standards set by business and industry. Along with having the most trusted names in education, the Consortium will bring accreditation, assessment and faculty standards to higher levels of quality and acceptance.

The Consortium is the fastest growing university network of its kind, offering one of the largest education portfolios, with over 120 online degree programs.

Consortium members are widely recognized and respected institutions that have educated many company executives and contributing members of today's workforce. To date, members include: University of Southern California, The George Washington University, Arizona State University, Ohio University, Kansas State University, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of Texas-Dallas, University of Michigan-Dearborn, University of Colorado-Denver, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fielding Graduate Institute, and Troy University.

"With such an overwhelming array of choices for online education, the USC School of Engineering Distance Education Network (DEN) believes it is important to have a trusted site for employees and prospective students to access the highest quality programs available from traditional universities," said Jacqueline Williams, Marketing Manager, for USC School of Engineering Distance Education Network.

Demand for online education is growing at 60% per year, and seven out of 10 adult workers receive tuition reimbursement, fueling the need for reliable resources and access to trusted providers of quality education. Online UC provides relevant information and resources on such topics as best practices and ROI for evaluating both online education providers and degree programs.

Consortium membership requirements help ensure companies and employees are investing in an online learning environment where levels of quality and value are extremely high.

The Consortium recently released its Online Education Guide, which includes two resources for intelligent evaluation of online learning: "Art and Science of ROI in Online Education" and the best practices profile of companies entitled, "How Top Corporations Build Successful Education Programs." Both are free for download at www.onlineuc.net/guide/

To access Consortium members and evaluate degree programs, visit www.onlineuc.net or call 435.649.2190.

About the Online University Consortium

The Online UC was founded by leading universities to help companies and employees secure quality online education, high return on investment and relevant degree programs from trusted institutions of higher learning. For more information, call 435.649.2190 or visit www.onlineuc.net