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Articles involving the Online University Consortium are listed below.

  The Boston Globe – A Top 5 newspaper site on the internet and home to the one of the most educated cities in the world, recently unraveled how to find and evaluate the most reputable degree programs and universities on the web. While they recognize, "...the online world lacks any one universally accepted accrediting body", they point to Online University Consortium as a group that's, "...beginning to set standards and assess quality."

  Denver Business Journal – A new survey from the Online University Consortium and a recent industry report from research firm Eduventures point to a similar conclusion: Many students and employers prefer -- and likely will continue to prefer -- online degree programs from traditional universities to their for-profit counterparts.

  Distance-Educator.com – Distance-Educator.com provides news coverage for the Online University Consortium and member school SMU. The article focuses on buyer preference studies that indicate traditional universitiesí online degree programs are preferred 2:1 over for-profit providers. An industry report by EduVentures validates the studies saying, "As the market matures, brand strength will increasingly favor non-profit institutions."

  Catholic Herald – Following a review of their online degree programs, member school Marquette University receives high marks from the Catholic Herald. Marquette also discusses how joining the Online University Consortium was a natural extension of their commitment to providing a high quality, web-based education.

  Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Distance-Educator.com give coverage to our Online Learner Assessment tool that was released mid-October.

  Educational Pathways – The Online University Consortium receives a top rating as a real distance education (DE) portal. According to George Lorenzo, a veteran editor and reporter on higher education that analyzed dozens of education portals for this feature article, "The Online University Consortium (OUC) has a unique business plan, as well as a unique portal, when compared to all the other portals covered in this issue of Educational Pathways." The piece goes on to spell out the value of our 7-point qualification criteria, university-to-business alliance programs and learning resources available through Online UC.

  The Dallas Morning News – A metro newspaper that covers consumer and business news in the 6th largest US market. The article mentions efforts by Online UC to establish a quality university provider network of top-caliber online degree programs.

  Denver Business Journal – A national network of local business journals covering business and development. This article talks about the increasing role online education and degree programs will play in the development of professional employees.

  On the Horizon – An international journal covering corporate universities and e-learning.