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HR Newsletter

U n d e r s t a n d i n g   H R   &   C o r p o r a t e   E d u c a t i o n
Volume 1, Number 1

During the bullish days of corporate employment and career advancement, some 65% of "gold collar" managers (a.k.a., high potential leaders) were placed in positions well above their skill levels. This meant unrealistic expectations upon entering the workforce, which companies only fed with promises of hefty compensation packages, sign-on bonuses and investment potential. With employment down and layoffs being announced, younger managers are now exiting the workforce with some of the same unrealistic expectations.

Complicating this situation for companies is the fact that a quarter of all leadership positions, resulting in some 5 million management jobs, will be needed by corporate America over the next several years.

This makes the life of an HR professional often tricky and somewhat challenging as the comic strip at left illustrates. While some may re-evaluate their career choice, the fact remains that selective leadership development and different types of management training become the only realistic path given the skill gaps and need companies will have to fill key future leadership positions.

[Sources: Development Dimensions Int'l., Training Magazine and Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller]

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