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UT TeleCampus - UTTC
The University of Texas System

Contact Information:
Student Services
UT TeleCampus - UTTC
The University of Texas System
702 Colorado Street, Suite 4.100
Austin, Texas 78701

1-888-TEXAS-16 (1-888-839-2716)

Online Degree Programs:
Bachelor's Completion in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master's Degree in Kinesiology
M.Ed. in Educational Technology
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
MS in Technology/Human Resource Development option

Admission Requirements:
Admission criteria and processes for online offerings are the same as similar on-site programs. It is advisable to start the initial application process at least 90 days prior to the beginning of a semester. (Calendars are located inside the UTTC website.) Applications may be downloaded from links within the UT TeleCampus website. Students may use e-mail, fax, and phone to facilitate the process in most cases. At no time will it be necessary to physically visit the campus. The UT TeleCampus does not confer the degree - students will apply to and graduate from UT campuses. There are nine academic and five medical research facilities in the UT System. Different campuses partner on various programs, and all offer their courses centrally through the UT TeleCampus website. See the site for more information: www.telecampus.utsystem.edu

Tuition Costs:
The amount of tuition and fees charged by each UT System campus varies and is based on residency status. Students should access the UT TeleCampus website for links to campus tuition and fee information. Generally the same financial aid that would be available as an on campus learner is available to qualified students learning online. Financial aid and veteran's affairs contact information can be found in the UTTC website.

Description of Learning Environment:
The UT TeleCampus uses Internet technologies (Blackboard courseware management system) for course delivery via the World Wide Web. Courses may also utilize additional distance education tools, including CDs, audiotapes and videotapes. Courses will be interactive with student-to-faculty, student-to-student and student to content interaction. Courses run on a semesterly basis but provide flexibility within the week for students to choose when to study. Courses may include group projects, portfolio projects or research projects. Extensive student support services are offered online including free 24/7 technical support, academic support and tutoring and extensive digital library services.

Relevant Info on faculty:
The same expert faculty members who teach on-campus courses at the University of Texas campuses teach online academic courses offered through the UT TeleCampus. Courses are designed and developed by these faculty members with instructional design support and faculty development/training provided by the UT TeleCampus.

The UT TeleCampus has received 13 national and 8 regional awards for our courses, our faculty and our publications. Completion rates for students average 90 percent.

All UT campuses participating in UT TeleCampus-based degrees are SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accredited. Additional accreditation may apply to certain programs.